Building History

The structure that houses T-Dubs Public House was constructed in 1868 by Jens Hansen. From 1868 until the 1880’s Mr. Hansen owned and operated a successful carriage factory and wagon shop in the heart of a thriving downtown Waupaca, Wisconsin. The uppermost exterior is still intact and can be seen on West Fulton Street, just east of Main Street in the heart of historical downtown Waupaca. At the time the building was built the Waupaca river ran directly behind the building where a the present park roadway is now located.

The Waupaca River was used for the transportation of materials essential to the manufacture of Hansen carriages and wagons. Boats delivered raw materials directly into the building through the floor where the Pub’s kitchen is now located. The materials were stored in the lower level, then moved to the Pub’s “Snug” level of the building via freight elevator. The freight elevator was located where the kitchen grill area of the Pub is now. Materials were cut to patterns, assembled and then moved to the top floor of the building.

The top floor was where the carriages were painted, finished and moved to the street level where they were displayed to the public for sale. The street level also housed a Blacksmith shop where a resident Blacksmith fabricated all the metal parts for the wagons and carriages. The Blacksmith also shoed horses.

The Historic Jens Hansen Building was home to many businesses over these many years such as an implement store, similar to a John Deere dealer, a motorized carriage shop (auto dealership), a plumbing company, a recycling center, a small restaurant and arcade and finally a video store with tanning booths.

In May of 2005, T.W. Martin’s Public House, now T-Dubs Public House was born. The Jens Hansen Building (Home to T-Dubs) was built in 1868 and is listed on The National Historic Register. The building and its owners, still proudly showcase its original field stone walls wooden posts and beams. Outside, the street level facade still reflects the integrity of the original carriage house, including the inscription “Live and Let Live.” The motto reflects the owners philosophy for this and all, fine historic landmarks. The Jens Hansen Building is the perfect setting for an authentic Irish Pub. Come see for yourself.