Much like the traditional pubs of Ireland where families had very little “living space” in their homes, entire families would gather every evening at “The Public House” or “The Pub” for short. The men would gather at the bar to share a pint or two and discuss politics, sports or their news of the day. The women and children were restricted to “The Snug” which was usually a small room off the bar, where they could visit and partake in their many interests. Today, all are welcome in the Pub’s Bar and Restaurant area. “The Snug” concept is kept alive at the pub with a special meeting and party room located upstairs. 

So, come through our doors and be greeted by '100,000 welcomes' or 'Caed Mille Failte.' Make yourself comfortable and expect to be treated as family. Our goal is to impress you with our food, drink and atmosphere, lighten your load and see you smile. We hope to see you soon and often!